Huda seeks police help for survey of plots along NPR project alignment

The Haryana Urban Development Authority (Huda) has sought police assistance for conducting a survey of the plots and houses of those affected by the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) project.

HT Estates, Jan 21, 2014, Page 09

The building houses a gym and an underground parking lot which can accommodate more than 150 cars.

Huda wrote a letter to the deputy commissioner of police (west) after its team faced resistance while carrying out the survey following an order of the Punjab and Haryana high court.

The court order came in response to a bunch of petition against the project.

In the letter , Huda has alleged that the petitioners/oustees are causing hindrance in the compliance of the high court directions and so they need police assistance from January 21-31, 2015 to carry out the survey.

According to Huda officials, during a joint inspection carried out on Monday in Kherki Daula, estate oficer-1 Satish Yadav and other Huda officials were not allowed to conduct the survey.

“We were not allowed to carry out our work which included taking measurements of the houses and plots. Similarly, petitioners in new Palam Vihar are also not letting us conduct the survey,” said Yadav.

The high court, during a hearing on January 14, directed Huda to work out the eligibility of each petitioner in accordance with the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy of 2010 offered by the state government.

As per the court’s directions, additional chief secretary, Town Country Planning, had asked Huda officials to provide the required details by January 20 so that a statement could be submitted in the court before January 22.

Petitioners, however, said they never restricted any officials from conducting survey.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled to be held on January 28.

Source: HT Estates, Jan 21, 2014, Page 09


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